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*Should women take HRT before the menopause?

Should women take HRT before the menopause? Some experts now say it's the best way to ease your symptoms - and avoid long-term health problems Recent survey found many menopausal women are struggling without HRT Some specialists say they should take preventative action in their 40s Until now, most women - and doctors - have thought you should only seek help for the menopause if symptoms become unbearable. Even then, concerns about possible side-effects have led many GPs to recommend that women try to manage without hormone replacement therapy. In…
October 21, 2014

*How Hormones Control Premenstrual Syndrome and Menopause

Hormonal Balance in Women — How Hormones Control Premenstrual Syndrome and Menopause Hormones affect almost every bodily function because they are the mean of communication between various systems. Because they are so vital to every system, even a small imbalance can host a plethora of different systems, some of which can be very debilitating. Hormonal imbalance can create an issue in fertility, libido and general health. During menopause, a women's sex hormones will decline (estrogen, progesterone and even testosterone). Due to the fact that these hormones either decline to low or decline at…
August 25, 2014
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