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Botox for 20s, 30s and Beyond

Botox Treatment

Botox is a brand name that many people are familiar with. Botox treatments can be divided into two different categories: cosmetic and medical. When used for medical purposes, Botox is capable of treating migraines, uncontrolled muscle spasms, overactive bladders, and more.

As a cosmetic service, Botox works by temporarily freezing targeted muscles, which then relax and provides a smoother appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in order to give a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance that may last between 3-5 months. Unlike plastic surgery, Botox delivers fast results with no downtime. Instant gratification is contagious in today’s society. People are happy when they can quickly see a revitalized version of themselves in the mirror.

7.2 Million Botox Treatments in 2018

Botox was approved for cosmetic use in 2002 by the FDA and has risen to become the #1 nonsurgical cosmetic treatment in the United States.  While Botox may not be for everyone, it is for millions who actively seek out Botox cosmetic treatments!  There have been more than 7.2 million Botox treatments performed in the U.S. alone this year.

Not Just Your Mother’s Botox Anymore

Think Botox is just for the baby boomers?  Not anymore! Increasingly the Millennials and Gen Xers are embracing the injections that promise to smooth out wrinkles that result in a more youthful appearance as a preventative measure to ensure those fine lines don’t deepen with age.

There’s no exact age when you should start getting Botox, but the sooner you treat signs of aging, the better your results will be.  If someone is expressive with their face and prone to getting lines, such as the area between the brows called the glabella – also known as the ‘elevens’ – they should consider exploring a preventative Botox treatment.

Botox for Men - How it's Different Compared to Women

Men are getting Botox more than ever! In 2000 there were approximately 120,000 men who had Botox treatments. An incredible 860,000 men underwent Botox in 2017 and numbers are increasing each year by leaps and bounds. So, if you’re a guy who’d love to smooth out a few fine lines and wrinkles and slow the signs of aging, rest assured that you’re certainly not alone.

Botox for men isn’t all that different than it is for women. The major difference is that men tend to have larger, stronger muscles than women, so that requires larger doses of Botox to achieve the same level of results.

This might mean that Botox for men is a little more expensive than it is for women if undergoing the exact same number of injections in the same treatment areas. A seasoned injector will assess the injection requirements of their patients on a case by case basis, and the cost of Botox can vary greatly from individual to individual regardless of gender.

Botox for Men

Most Common Botox Treatment Areas for Men

One of the most problematic areas for men is the furrow that runs in between the eyebrows, and it tends to be this area that is most commonly treated in male patients. However, it’s also common for men to want to minimize the severity of crow’s feet and the long, horizontal lines that run across the forehead, as well.  All of the areas men treat are not much different from women.

Does Botox Last Longer for Men?

Provided that slightly larger dosages are used to compensate for the bigger muscles men have, Botox will last just as long for men as it does for women. Usually, this is around 3 to 6 months.

What to Expect from my Botox Treatment

Our Botox Technique

Everyone has either seen or heard of someone getting too much Botox and getting that stereotypical “frozen” look.  In the hands of a skilled injector, your results will be subtle and natural looking with plenty of movement in your face.  Typically, Botox will not be noticeable if it is injected in small doses.  The results will be a more rested appearance, brows more defined and eyes more open and youthful.

AMOWC has performed thousands of Botox treatments since 2005 with excellent results. At AMOWC, we use Botox to enhance one’s features. Already beautiful patients will look even more beautiful in our hands. We can lift various parts of the face and neck, lessen shadows along the jaw and chin as well as to reshape faces with Botox alone! With new patients we prefer to take baby steps to see how you react. It is better to under correct than over correct. You can always add more, which we are happy to do after a full 10-day period when the treatment has had the opportunity to take full effect.

Botox Complications

Botox treatments are relatively painless and take no longer than 15 minutes allowing you to be on with your day in no time.  Usual side-effects are a slight redness or swelling at the injection sites, but only momentarily. It is possible to have slight bruising at the injection site due to the vascularity of places in the face, such as the eye area, but nothing that a little concealer can’t hide.

Complications are very rare. The reported complication rates vary from 0.1 to 1% in published medical literature. Ptosis, which is a drooping brow, is the most common complication and makes up 50%-75% of complications which usually occurs from an unseasoned injector. However, AMOWC finds a drooping brow easily correctable.

Complimentary Consultation to Assess Your Botox Treatment Plan

Call us today for a complimentary consult to discuss your areas of concern and the results you can expect to achieve within 3-5 days from your treatment. 

Xeomin®, Botox®, Dysport™

For years Botox was the only option for wrinkle reduction until Xeomin and Dysport came along.  They are all injectable neuromodulators, meaning they can temporarily alter the nerve impulses of targeted muscles, therefore reducing or eliminating contraction-induced wrinkles.

Each brand has a slightly different formulation of the same substance, bacterium Clostridium Botulinum, or Botulinum Toxin A, but they all work the same way: they block the nerve impulses of the injected muscles to temporarily paralyze muscle movements that cause wrinkles.


The most common targets are horizontal lines across the forehead and perpendicular frown lines between the brows, but many also rely on Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin for other areas such as the crow’s feet, nasal squint lines, lines around the neck, eyebrow lifting, and even profuse underarm sweating and migraines.

All in all, they are very similar products and are interchangeable. In certain situations, it is possible one may get a slightly different reaction versus the other. Some injectors feel Dysport has a little bit more dispersion, which is better for correcting a lot of little crow’s feet because it has a more even distribution.  When administered properly, the effects are confined to the injection zone and do not affect the surrounding areas or travel around the body.

Dermal Fillers for Skin Rejuvenation

Botox Dermal Fillers

Facial fillers are products such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyl apatite that rejuvenate facial skin by reducing or eliminating wrinkles, raising scar depressions, enhancing lips and replacing soft-tissue volume loss through facial injections. With age, our skin becomes more susceptible to wrinkles and sagging. Exposure to sun and years of muscle movement such as squinting, chewing, or smiling contribute to tissue breakdown of the skin.

Facial fillers are temporary to long-lasting solutions administered through a few facial injections under the skin’s surface at the subdermal-dermal level.  The amount administered depends on the depth and size of the skin defect or wrinkle. Various types of facial fillers are available, each is designed with one or several purposes, such as wrinkle reduction and lip augmentation. We can help you determine which facial injections are right for you.

How Facial Fillers Work

Facial fillers will volumize creases and folds in the face in areas that have lost fat and collagen as we age. Hyaluronic acid is the natural filler substance in your body. The face starts to lack volume and appears aged with deeper nasolabial folds, marionette lines, a deeper mentalis fold, the lips start to thin, and turning down the corners of the lips. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm are then injected right underneath these folds to replace the volume lost which creates a younger look in the face. Dermal fillers can be used for high lip line cases, asymmetrical lips around the mouth, lip augmentation, and completing cosmetic dentistry cases by creating a beautiful, young-looking frame around the teeth.

Dermal Filler Treatment Expectations

The average length of filler injections is about 10 to 20 minutes per session, depending on the individual and the amount of areas being treated. Some of the most common side effects include bruising, swelling, pain and tenderness.  You can also experience an allergic reaction, numbness, discoloration and temporary redness.

Dermal filler injections require very minimal downtime, allowing patients to return to work and their normal activities directly following treatment. In the first 24 hours, individuals may be instructed to refrain from strenuous activities and excessive sun or heat exposure.

In general, the results from most injectable fillers are temporary, lasting from several months to about a year depending on the type of facial fillers used. As with Botox, under correcting rather than over correcting is recommended to achieve optimal results because you can always return for more.


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatments

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) utilizes optical filters to generate certain wavelengths of light for treatment of specific targets such as hair, veins, pigmented lesions, and collagen. With the Novalis Clareon IPL we are able to effectively perform the following treatments:

  • Wrinkle Treatment
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Skin Tightening
  • Pigmented Lesion Removal
  • Age Spot Removal
  • Sun Damage Removal
  • Vascular Lesions

Lasers cannot change wavelengths and you usually need a different laser for a different target. That is the benefit of IPL devices. By just changing the hand piece, you now have the equivalent of a whole new laser. Each hand piece has a different filter in it to generate a different band of wavelengths. The Clareon can do the work of 5 different lasers!

SR (Skin Rejuvenation)

A fast, versatile hand piece designed to remove red splotches, brown spots, and scarring, as well as reducing pore size, eliminating and reducing wrinkles, and improving overall skin texture, smoothness and quality.

ST (Skin Tightening)

Designed for deep dermal skin tightening on all skin types. A unique, patented hand piece designed to create heat-induced collagen shrinkage, skin tightening and texture smoothing.

VR (Vascular Removal) For Angiomas

Unique, high-power hand piece with multiple filter technology for extremely effective treatment of vascular lesions. Cherry angioma removal usually only takes one to two treatments.

VR (Vascular Removal) For Vein Removal

The VR hand piece can remove small veins from around the nose, mouth and eyes as well as larger veins in the face with ease.

VR (Vascular Removal) For Rosacea

The VR treatment for Rosacea is highly effective. With the first treatment patients notice a visible decrease in the reddening of their skin as well as a reduction in swelling.

AR (Acne Reduction)

The AR hand piece is used to target and kill P.Acne Bacteria, the bacteria responsible for causing acne. Quick and effective treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

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