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Pricing & Process

How It All Works

As millions of Americans reach middle age many can expect to live another fifty years. Here at Age Management & Optimal Wellness Center, our focus is to optimize health and longevity by treating the causes of the process of decline not by just placing a band-aid over the symptoms. The first step to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy treatment is our Complimentary Consultation/Evaluation with our Hormone Specialist.

Age Management & Optimal Wellness Center is committed to going above and beyond to help YOU succeed, stopping at nothing until your levels of optimal wellness are achieved. Our physicians are highly trained and experienced in hormone optimization practices and personalized care. They look past the charts to connect with the individual.

Before your complimentary consultation, we ask that you fill out our patient intake form so that we may get a detailed history of your current situation to better understand the nuances of your complaints and issues. We prefer your consult to be conducted in person. However, we can do an initial phone consultation which will save you a trip to our office located at:

1601 W Platt Street in South Tampa

Click Here for Our Intake Form

After the complimentary consultation, if you decide it’s right for you, we will let you know what laboratory tests need to be done and other details before your first visit with the physician.

With Our Program You Will Receive

  • Physician visit
  • Physical exam
  • Review of medical history with Physician Lab results
  • Personalized Analysis Report and Protocol Recommendations based on your symptoms
  • Explanation of out of range laboratory values
  • Explanation of prescriptions and detailed instructions for dosing

Our objective in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is to return your levels to youthful norms. After your initial visit and laboratory blood testing, you will need a 6-month follow-up visit and then a one-time yearly visit to confirm you are receiving the correct dosages and you are maintaining optimal levels. You will receive follow up calls or emails from us throughout every 12-week period to confirm you are receiving your meds, to assess how you are feeling, and if any adjustments are needed.

Our goal at Age Management is to help men and women live healthier lives. We aim to do so by providing hormone treatment plans ranging from $100 – $200 per month.

You will find it refreshing to have a highly motivated team whose sole purpose is to help you optimize your health and meet the needs of each person you come in contact with.

Optimizing your hormones will greatly enhance your life on many different levels. Natural hormone replacement therapy has the ability to improve sexual performance, libido, energy, mood, brain function, muscle strength and tone, bone density, with a new-found sense of confidence. You will find you will begin to feel younger, healthier, and happier while gaining an overall sense of well-being.

How do I get started?

Text or call us today (813) 341-2600 to schedule your free consultation to learn more about Hormone Replacement Therapy and whether it’s right for you. Click here to Get Started Today to take advantage of your Complimentary Consultation/Evaluation.

Are you curious to see if you have low testosterone?

Take our LOW-T quiz for men and see if you could benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy.