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Medically guided wellness programs

Medically Guided Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss works differently on each person so we customize a
plan to fit your needs and adjust accordingly. For your own
customized plan please schedule a complimentary consult or call
the office (813) 341-2600 to speak with a Wellness Specialist about
the different customized weight loss plans we offer.

Human Growth Hormone

HGH Deficiency is More Common
Than You May Realize

Botox Cosmetic

Would you like to look ten years younger?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Take Back Your Life from CFS

Living with Adrenal Fatigue

Treat your Chronic Fatigue and Adrenal Fatigue using
diet & the most natural medication compounded
specifically for you to help boost your adrenal function!

Medically Guided Weight Loss Programs

Lose Weight And Feel Great!

Get Back In Balance

Relieve Menopause Symptoms Now!

Thyroid Health

Don't Let a Sluggish Thyroid
Slow You Down Anymore!

Insulin Resistance

Let Your Insulin Work For You


B-12 For Energy

Antioxidant & Nutritional Support

Get The Right Nutritional
& Antioxidant Support
That Your Body Needs

Food Allergies

Get The Support You
Need to Manage
Your Food Sensitivities

Hormone Therapy

Get Back Your Energy & Sex Drive

Nutritional Planning

Eat Right and Feel Light!

G.I. Track Health

G.I. Track Detoxification

Welcome to Age Management & Optimal Wellness

At AMOWC, our dedicated professionals strive to stay informed and educated in the advancement of cutting-edge science to understand and treat the root cause of aging related disease. By addressing the cause, we are able to put our patients on the path to optimal health. Our goal is to provide you with the same knowledge to make informed decisions that serve your best interest based on your individual needs and optimal health goals.

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Vision Statement

It is our mission at Age Management & Optimal Wellness to become an innovative leader in the transformation of healthcare so men and women may live healthier lives through the utilization of integrative Preventive Medicine. At AMOWC, we specialize in BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Medically Guided Weight Loss Pro and other proven Anti-Aging Medical Techniques.


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Achieved our health goals with ease

My wife (49) and I (65) have been coming to this clinic for the last 3 years. Our goals are more anti/aging and vibrant health than body building. We have been impressed with the knowledge and support provided us by Marty, Ken and the rest of the staff. Most importantly, for us, we feel that our voice and concerns are heard and addressed. We are able to participate fully in designing our life enhancement regime using AMOWC’s skills and vast array of products. We have been at this for many years with many other practitioners and clinics and have always found that the most challenging aspect was to have our concerns heard and addressed and to feel that we were actively participating in the process. So, it has been a wonderful experience for us to finally find a knowledgeable and helpful clinic with all the latest products and information available that is also willing to hear us and allow us to participate in our health goals.
Larry Jensen