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Thankful for AMOWC

By mid-March, I decided that I needed to make a change. While I have always been active and fit, I had begun to feel tired and worn out throughout the day. Not sure what was going on, I talked to my sister who recommended I find a doctor and get a check up. Since turning 40 (I am now 44), the symptoms had seemed to progress to the point I had no energy or desire to be active.

I did an internet search to find a doctor in the local area and AMOWC popped up. I wanted to find a doctor that would prescribe natural remedies (hormones, vitamins, etc) and was impressed with this clinic’s philosophy and background listed on his website. In my initial appointment, I met with Ken and described my symptoms and concerns. He recommended a full blood workup so that the doctor could determine how to best treat me. He also recommended that I consider the weight loss program at AMOWC. While I have never struggled with my weight or needed diet in the past, I had put on about 15 pounds over the past couple of years due to inactivity. I agreed to give it a try.

After the blood work was completed, I met with the doctor and he prescribed a regiment of natural hormones to help with my symptoms of moodiness, irritability, stress, tiredness, etc. that were occurring. I began using the hormones prescribed and started the weight loss program in late March. I weighed the heaviest I ever weighed at 157 pounds. My goal weight was 140 and I wasn’t sure how long it would take me to get to my goal but I was determined to stick to the program.

When i began, I met with Ken weekly and he gave me a list of foods to eat along with the natural vitamins and supplements to take. While the diet was restrictive at first, I soon realized how much better I felt by eating protein and vegetables versus dairy and carbs. I began to have more energy and was encouraged as the weight began to go. I lost 3 pounds in the first week! While it did not always come off so quickly, the progress I made kept me motivated to continue. I reached my goal weight in mid-May: less than 6 weeks on the program! I am now running again, 3-5 miles three times a week, and the diet has now become part of my lifestyle. I am so thankful that I went to AMOWC and for Ken! He has helped me get my life back and enjoy the things I was missing. I feel like I am 30 again! Again, I can not thank everyone at Age Management enough!

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