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Cameron Zimples

Amazing Staff and Program

I had been attempting to lose weight and get my hormones on track for years! Everything I tried at different clinics and online tips were a huge fail.. I would start to see results and then would spend more money thinking it was working, and out of nowhere I would be back to where I was before, if not worse. I was skeptical to come to AMOWC for the fact that I felt like I was a lost cause. When I went for the free consult I was welcomed with arms wide open and assisted through the whole program!! Currently I have lost over 30 pounds (that have stayed off without struggle), and decided to continue the hormone plan since I feel about 20 yeas younger!!! You cant beat that feeling anymore when your my age! My husband couldn’t agree more! NO MORE MOOD SWINGS! NO MORE LOW LIBIDO and NO MORE HOT FLASHES!! Hurray! Thank you AMOWC Staff and specialists. You have changed my life!

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