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Thank you for everything!

I have been a 5 year client starting at age 45 with hormone therapy and supplements.   I always kept myself in good shape with weight training and cardio workouts.  However, as a “foodie,” I often-times strayed from the nutrition side of the equation.  In early 2014, I met with Ken and Marty and developed a strict 90 day nutrition regimen to go along with my exercise routine leading up to my 50th birthday.  While I did not have a weight loss goal, I had a body fat % goal.  I started at 17.5% body fat with the goal of getting down to 12%.    I reached 11% as my 50th birthday arrived, and I dropped 22 pounds.  My muscle definition is equal to what it was in my early 20’s.  Now, 5 months later, I am maintaining at 12% and am still down 20 pounds from my starting weight.  I am off my cholesterol mess and feeling awesome.   Ken was with me every step of the way via phone, emails, and in-person visits.   Thank you for everything.

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