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*Is It Menopause… Or Adrenal Fatigue?

Why It May Be Adrenal Fatigue Many of us have seem our health diminish after coming out of a cold and dreary winter season filled with unhealthy comfort foods. While you may just be chucking this up to a long winter you may actually be missing the many severe warning signs of Adrenal Fatigue. Your adrenal glands secrete 4 main hormones which effect just about EVERY bodily function. This is one of the main reasons that adrenal fatigue is often overlooked by most physicians or even diagnosed as a completely…
January 16, 2015
adrenal fatigue vs hypothyroidism

*Is Your Thyroid Disease Really an Adrenal Disorder?

How Adrenal Disorders Can Disguise Themselves as Thyroid Disease Understanding the Basics of Hypothyroidism According to the American Thyroid Association, hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone and, just like other hormone deficiencies, it can affect almost every aspect of your well-being. It can make you feel weak & fatigued, cause unordinary weight gain, and can lead to even more serious health concerns in left untreated. Low thyroid hormone levels during pregnancy can even harm the baby! I know this is a…
November 18, 2014