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IV Hydration Therapy

IV Drip/ therapies

Our specialized IV drips use vitamins, fluids, minerals, and electrolytes to treat your symptoms quickly and effectively, with a 100% bioavailability rate.

Our different IV treatment comprises of cocktail of amino acids, vitamins, and fluids meant to strengthen the immune system, speed up your metabolism, flush out toxins, aid in the breakdown of fat, electrolytes, vitamins to give you a healthful boost and make you feel better in general, and antioxidants to aid in detoxification, enhance skin tone, and strengthen hair.


IV infusion delivers minerals and vitamins into the bloodstream for superior absorption, compared to oral intake which takes time to be digested and then absorbed. IV therapy minimizes common sides effects of oral therapy such as acid reflux or constipation.


Normal saline(1000ml) $85

Alleviate- Calcium, magnesium, B complex, Hydroxocobalamin- B12 $150

(PMS relief, minimize bloating, irritability, lower back pain)

Immune Booster

Vitamin C, Zinc, glutathione $135

(Boost your immune system)


Alpha Lipoic acid, taurine, Pyridoxine(B6) $255

(Improve memory, cognitive function)

Inner Beauty

Vit C, Vitamin complex, Biotin $105

(Fight acne, wrinkles, and tired skin)

Recovery and Performance

Vit C, B complex, glutamine, arginine, ornithine, lysine, citrulline, lysine, magnesium chloride, manganese, copper, selenium $270

(Enhance performance and reduce recovery time)

Get up and go

Glutamine, arginine, ornithine, lysine, citrulline $240

(Metabolism booster)

Myer’s cocktail

Magnesium, calcium gluconate, Vit C, B complex. $145

(Gold standard for overall health)


Vit C, B complex, magnesium chloride, Zinc, manganese, copper, selenium $230

(Hydrate and combat fatigue)


Ondansetron, magnesium chloride, Zinc, selenium, B complex $295

(Ease hangover)


Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide $300

(Mental clarity and anti-aging support)

Add On

Mineral blend

Magnesium, manganese, selenium, copper $75

(Excellent for bone, muscle, brain, and heart support)



(Powerful antioxidant, boost the immune system)

Vitamin complex

vitamin B1, B3, B2, B5, B6 $75

(Fights fatigue, boost metabolism)

Amino Blend

Glutamine, ornithine, Arginine, Lysine, Citrulline. $60

(Protein building blocks, stimulates healthy skin, nail, hair)